Beading – one of the most beautiful types of needlework. Small glass beads, from which are made decorations, look very gently and gracefully. Colored beads tempting glitter and sparkle in the sun. In addition, it is one of the most inexpensive hobbies. It requires only beads and mono filament. Even the smallest adornment will always be pleasing to the eyes. Such decorations you can present as souvenirs to friends and family.

Beaded Jewelry are harmoniously combined with clothing in the eastern style, with colorful fabrics. Needlewomen often make necklaces and bracelets, but as a set can be made and earrings, belt or pendant. For weaving beads are used special schemes, which show not only the colors of beads, but also the direction of the mono filament, thread or wire.

To make it easier to work, use a special palette for beads. It’s such a socket with a recess. For example, a cell in one row – a blue tint, in the other – red, in the third – green. Better start from the most simple products such as bracelets with one or two colors.

Beads can be of different kinds: simple, Bohemian, Chinese, Japanese and the spangle, also it can be transparent and non-transparent. For beginners, we recommend to start with simple transparent beads, they are smooth, round, with a wide hole. Spangle and Bohemian beads are very pretty sparkle in the sun due to the fact that they have the faceted edges.

Fortunately, now in stores and on the Internet you can find a lot of wonderful schemes for beadwork and detailed instructions to them. So, the main thing – do not afraid to begin. Certainly, it is painstaking work, which will require endurance and patience, but the result will fulfill all expectations.

Beautiful cute toys or souvenirs can be used as a key ring, pendant on a mobile phone or you can just place them on the table.

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